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As a pioneering force in plastic recycling, we recognize the critical role of carbon powder and masterbatches in our industry. To ensure the highest quality, we've taken the strategic step of sourcing top-notch carbon from other states. This decision stems from the logistical challenges of procuring small quantities locally, given the exorbitant transportation costs.

In our commitment to fostering collaboration within the industry, we have ventured into carbon trading. This initiative not only addresses our own operational needs but also aims to assist companies in analogous sectors. By streamlining the accessibility of premium carbon resources, we contribute to the overall efficiency and sustainability of the sector


Hamara Carbon Products

Carbon black is mainly used as reinforcing filler in tires and other rubber products. In plastics, paints, and inks carbon black is used as a color pigment.

Beads Form & Powder Form

Black Masterbatches

Black Masterbatches

We deal with master batches

Black Masterbatches are used in an extensive range of products due to its properties like UV protection, jet ness and conductivity to name a few. We deal with master batches ranging from 25% to 50% Carbon loading.

Higher surface area leads to increase in both jet Ness and UV resistance as more surface area will be available for absorption of both the visible and UV lights. With the tendency of Carbon Black to form aggregates, also known as structure - the performance of black Masterbatches primarily depends on the dispersion of carbon black in the carrier resin. We use specialty additives and processing aids, which causes carbon black to get easily and uniformly dispersed in a carrier resin. Thus it gives optimum performance in the final applications. We manufacture carbon black Masterbatches containing up to 50 % carbon black content in them.

Grades available

IB330, FP330, AJ330, IB550, FP330, BFP550, IB660, FP330, CFP660, P330, FP330, FP774, IB330, T330, P-550, IB550, P-660


Plastic Industries, Mouldings, Manufacturing Of Black Masterbatches, Moulded Rubber Products, Paints
PVC Pipes, Extruded Rubber Products, PVC Compound, Butyl Tubes, Rubber Mats, Footwear, Rubber Fenders, Cycle Tires & Tubes, Inner Liner & Tubes


Carbon Black is packed in 3 layered paper bag, then stuffed in PP woven sack bag having HM liner.


At Hamara Carbon, we are committed to conduct all our operations in environment friendly and safe manner. We accomplish this by:

• Continuously monitor and improve our safety, health and environmental performance.

• Comply with regulations and fulfill our obligations to community at large.

• Improve awareness on safety, health and environment through effective training.

• Constantly upgrade technology to improve safety and environment systems and conserve natural resources by efficient use of raw materials, water and energy..

• Ensure that health of employees is monitored regularly as per health policy.

• Ensure for health Safety equipment’s as mask, gloves & fire extinguisher.

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